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Commence Marketing Audit

Quickly pinpoint problem areas and marketing opportunities.

Track Marketing Spend

Connect all marketing data across digital & tradition channels for holistic monitoring.

Assess Marketing ROI

Quickly identify what channels are more profitable.

Improved Results

Use the action planning feature to make strategy and campaign adjustments.

Marketing is hard when you don’t know what you are doing

Regardless of your business size, better marketing occurs when you know what you are doing.

Know Better. Do Better

You can’t fix what they don’t know

Give your marketing a fighting chance to succeed

i-REVEAL is the marketing intelligence tool that uncovers marketing blind spots and visualizes multi-channel marketing spend.

  • Saves time and money by catching marketing strategy issues early
  • Quickly identifies marketing trouble spots across all marketing functions and activities
  • Immediately delivers detailed reporting for instant marketing improvements
  • Access to a marketing strategist to help navigate your path forward
  • Helps discover new ways and opportunities to market your business

The marketing assessment platform capable of performing a comprehensive audit across all marketing Functions.

The Marketing Foundation & Focus

Ensuring your marketing is built on a firm foundation.

Products and Services

Assessing your products and services to ensure they will better meet customers needs.


Accessing whether or not your prices are optimized.

Digital Marketing

Determining what is required to improve your digital marketing.

Traditional Marketing

Determining wha is required to improve your traditional marketing effort.


Determining what is required to improve your sales.

Sales Promotion

Determining what is required to improve your sales promotion.


Determining what is required to improve your advertising.


Determining what is required to improve your branding.

Customer Engagement & Experience

Ensuring you have procedures in place to enhance the customer experience.

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Marketing is expensive when unmonitored and uncontrolled

Keep better track of marketing campaigns you launch or those you have hired someone to do for you.

No more hassling with spreadsheets

Dump your Data Directly Into i-REVEAL

Reduce tracking data in multiple platforms

Allow your data to flow into one single dashboard for comprehensive tracking

Make quick adjustments to campaign budgets

Make strategic decisions with your campaign budget

i-REVEAL will ease the tracking burden

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Ideal for companies who:

  • Want to grow
  • Have had a bad experience with marketing
  • Want better marketing results

Solopreneurs & Small Business

For the entrepreneurs who are good at what they offer, but often struggle with marketing

Small & Midsize Companies

For the “marketer” who has grown with the company and been placed in a marketing role with little knowledge

Agencies & Consultants

For the agencies and consultants looking for a quick way to assess their clients’ marketing program


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Build Your Own (BYO) Marketing Assessment

Our BYO assessments allows you to zero in on a specific marketing function. You pick and choose which marketing functions are most relevant to your marketing program and start uncovering ways to improve.

$19.99 / annually

  • Original Price: $49.99
  • Single Annual Assessment
  • Single User
  • Results & Reporting Dashboard

Advanced MarCore 360

This plan includes all features of the basic plan plus 2 additional assessments for tracking improvement. This plan enables multiple users to ensure the right team members are involved.

$399.99 / annually

  • Original Price: $999
  • 1 Baseline Assessment + 3 Quarterly Traction Assessment
  • Marketing Spend & ROI Tracking
  • Compreshensive 360 Degree Assessment
  • Action Roadmap
  • Email Support
  • Live Chat Support
  • 5 Company Users
  • Results & Reporting Dashboard
  • Downloadable Results
  • Bulk Financial Data Upload

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